Barricaid is one of the most studied devices in spine.

  • Level 1 RCT with 5 year follow up
  • FDA PMA Approved
  • 10,000+ implantations
  • 70+ peer reviewed publications
  • Proven superior vs. discectomy alone:
    significant reduction in reherniations,
    reoperations, and readmissions









8 Published Studies, 81% reduction in reoperations to treat reherniation

Study* Results
RCT 1: Thomé, 20181 72%
RCT 2: Cho, 20192 83%
Vukas, 20133 100%
Lequin, 20124 79%
Ardeshiri, 20195 81%
Kursumovic, 20176 78%
Sanginov, 20187 100%
Nunley, 20238 83%
Weighted Average § 81%


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*Some studies outside US indications. Values at Minimum 1 year Post-Op. Minimum study size of 20 Barricaid patients

*Single arm studies are compared to a published cohort of primary discectomy only subjects with large annular defects. Values are reported at one year post-op, unless otherwise indicated.

§ Weighting based on number of Barricaid implants in study at that timepoint.

§ Some of the referenced studies include data from implant sizes not available in the United States or from use of the Barricaid outside of the United States indications for use.

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